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Landscape Maintenance & Mowing Services

Our residential and commercial landscape maintenance programs consists of a variety of services that care for your properties seasonality needs.

  • Weekly mowing, trimming, edging.

  • Landscape bed maintenance to include weed control and clean-up.

  • Lawn aeration and seeding.

  • Shrub pruning and trimming throughout the seasons.

  • Lawn care program to include weed control and balanced fertilization applications.

  • Fall leaf clean-ups and leaf removal.

  • Dormancy pruning and perennial cutbacks.

Lawn mowing business

Landscape Installations & Enhancements

New landscape installations or enhancing existing landscaping beds are a great way to boost curb appeal. We offer:

  • Re-defining landscape bed edges.

  • Adding or removing existing landscape beds.

  • Shrub, tree and ground cover plantings. 

  • Top dressing for landscape beds such as pine needles, mulch and decorative rock.

  • Rejuvenate overgrown shrubs and landscape beds. 

Landscaping services

Lawn Care Weed Control & Fertilization

Lawn Care Program:

Our lawn care program is tailored towards cool season and warm season grasses, targeting invasive weeds while feeding the root system and soil to give you a thick stand of turf. Our program consists of 7 applications that include pre-emergents, post emergents and fertilization throughout the year.

Lawn Disease Program:

Our disease program consists of 5 applications that aid in managing turf grass funguses such as brown patch, dollar spot and other funguses that may be present during the humid summer days.

Lawn Disease Program:

Our insecticide program consists of 2 applications during the summer months that target grubs and other insects that may cause harm to your turfgrass. 

Lawn care and fertilization
Turf Care

Seasonal Flower Displays

Seasonal flowers accent your landscaping with a theatrical "pop" of color to your properties focal points.


We curate a selection of annuals and/or perennials based on color, dimension and texture that fit the location where they will be displayed.

Flower installation
Annual flower installation

Turf Renovations & Sod Installations

Whether you are establishing a new lawn or wanting to renovate an existing lawn we can help. 

Aeration and seeding may be a good choice to thicken up an existing lawn while improving soil conditions through aeration which breaks up compaction of our native clay soil.

We also offer sod installations for new construction homes or simply as an alternative to seeding for a quicker result in existing applications. Give us a call today to learn more about our process!

Lawn mowing business
Turf Renovation

Commercial Snow and Ice Management

We know how important it is to keep business "as usual"

even during inclement weather.


Our primary objective is to keep employees and patrons safe by minimizing safety hazards through ice management and snow clearing. We are equipped to plow snow, clear sidewalks and entryways while de-ice your property to minimize re-freeze.

Snow plowing and ice
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